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Installing Bouldwall Panels on Mansonry

Fastening your new panels to masonry is a bit more involved than standard drywall and studs, but with a little guidance you'll have it up quick.

First, we need to make sure your wall is sound. You will need direct contact with structural masonry at least 1" thick. Brick, concrete, and cinder block are all fine. Adobe or plaster is not. If you have any concerns consult a professional.

You will need a few extra things:

  • Hammer Drill
  • 3/16" x 1-3/4" Tapcon Screws, masonry bit included (Shop Home Depot)
  • Hex Driver

Follow the same instructions as for drywall and stud, but with the following changes:

In step 1, you will not need to worry about studs. You can place the panels anywhere, in any configuration you like. Make sure to place at least one screw as close to each of the four corners as possible.

In step 3, instead of simply screwing the panel in place you will need to pre drill holes using the masonry bit provided with your Tapcon screws. Here's a useful video showing the process: How to install Tapcon concrete anchors.

That's it! Follow all other instructions as specified for drywall over stud.