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One Edge. Unlimited Training.

We've reinvented hangboard, and there's no going back. Karda gives you the control you need to boost your strength like nothing before, in an ergonomic package that is incredibly intuitive to use and beautiful to look at. Taking it out of the box feels like unsheathing your new secret weapon.


The climber is freed to place their hands at their own sweet spot, every time, in every configuration. The depth or angle is kept at specific increments and tracked with a visual gauge, making your settings consistent and repeatable. This level of control translates to results. Fast, easy adjustments all with the push of a button.

An adjustable back plate means the single edge can be set anywhere from 5mm to 45mm at 2.5mm increments. Above the primary edge is an adjustable convex (optional flat configuration) sloper rail that can be set from 0-60°+ at 10° increments. Rotate it all the way around and it becomes a massive jug/ pullup bar, providing a perfect warmup feature. 

Solid hardwood touch points combined with metal alloy components provide a rock solid structure with warm, inviting textures. Natural hardwood grain is easy on the skin while providing superior friction. On top of the functional benefits, the materials used are easily recyclable.

The sleek design features a minimal footprint of 4.5 x 25.75” (11.5 x 65.5cm), meaning it will fit in spaces most hangboards wouldn't, and its clean lines and natural textures make it blend in or add to the aesthetic where other boards would be an eyesore.


  • Footprint: 11.5 x 65.5 cm (4.5 x 25.75”)

  • Edge Depth Range: 5-45mm (~0.2 - 1.8”)

  • Edge Depth Increment: 2.5mm (0.1”)

  • Edge Radius: 7mm (0.28”)

  • Sloper Angle Range: 0-60°+

  • Sloper Angle Increment: 10°

  • Materials: Hardwood, Die Cast Zinc, Aluminum