Pockets are holes in rock or plastic that can only fit three or fewer fingers. If you can fit four fingers into a pocket, you’ve got a jug! Pockets come in a variety of depths as well. Shallow pockets may only have room for the very tips of your fingers while deep pockets may allow for several finger pads. Generally speaking, the shallower the pocket, the more difficult it is to hold. The grip required to hold onto a pocket will change depending on the depth of the pocket. In some outdoor climbing areas, the rock climbing style is indicated by the abundance of pockets in the walls. Some areas may not have any pockets at all! It entirely depends on the type of rock. Regardless, pockets can be a fun change of pace on a home wall as they force climbers to only use a couple of fingers but do not have to be overly difficult. Be careful, though! Because you are only able to use several digits, you are applying a much larger load to each individual finger. This can be a perfect recipe for injury if you are not careful.