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bouldering climb -

Ready to start bouldering? Here are some bouldering climbing tip for beginners.

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rest between rock climbs -

Resting is both the easiest and toughest part of rock climbing. Everyone knows they should rest between rock climbs, but when you are close to sending, it can be incredibly difficult to keep yourself off the wall.

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climbing technique -

Did you know that rock or wall climbing can improve symptoms of depression? The study was done over a period of eight weeks and researchers have discovered that this type of exercise can reduce markers commonly associated with depression in people of all ages.

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at home, exercise, upper body -

Now that we've covered at-home exercises for the lower body and core, let's talk upper body! While rock climbing is a full-body activity, it involves an immense amount of upper body pulling.

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at home climbing, gear, home climbing wall -

You'll need your climbing shoes, but what else do you need to climb at home?

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