Applying Skins


Your skins come with a relatively aggressive texture, and this will likely need to be adjusted to fit your preferences.

A sanding sponge was included with your skin. With the skin on a flat, clean surface, use the sponge to gently sand down the grit to achieve the desired texture. This should only take about 60 seconds, and will not require a lot of pressure. Work smoothly and evenly over the entire surface.

*If you sand too aggressively in any one spot you can damage your skin.


  1. With the panel set face up, place the skin (paper backing still in place) on top of it with the texture facing up. Align the skin so that each hole lines up perfectly with the holes on the panel.
  2. Place a heavy object in the center of the panel to keep it in place. Alternatively 2 strips of masking tape (1 placed in the center of each long rail) will work.
  3. Gently lift one end of the skin and peel off approximately 1/3 of the paper backing. Tear this part of the paper backing off. Gently lay the skin back down, making sure the holes are still aligned. Press the skin to the panel working from the center outward.
  4. Remove the weight or tape and do the same on the rest of the skin, working from the adhered side to the opposite end. Ensure skin is completely adhered.