Home Climbing Panel FAQ

What is the weight limit?

The weight limit is 250 lbs, rated for static (vs dynamic) climbing. This means they will work great for anyone under 250 lbs climbing in a controlled manner, not doing jumps and swings. Please do not attach ropes, swings, or other devices that allow you to swing from them. Unfortunately they are not rated for this kind of activity.


How do these attach to the wall?

The panels mount directly to the studs in your wall using four screws. For more details on this process check out our Installation Instructions.

Can I install these vertically?

Yes, but they will need to align them with your studs. Each panel must connect with two studs. When mounting horizontally you have much more flexibility.


What kind of wall can these be installed on?

Our panels can be installed on nearly any structurally sound surface. The most common is standard drywall over wooden stud construction, and our basic instructions assume this is what your wall is made from. Concrete, brick, and other masonry walls work great as well, but require a slightly different process (see our page here).


Adobe, plaster (different from standard drywall, see here for more), and metal stud construction walls present special problems and you should consult with a contractor before proceeding. 


Can I install these on the ceiling or at an incline?

Yes, but you will need to use all 6 screws that come with your panel and connect to 3 studs/joists. You will also need to resist the impulse to attach anything you can swing on from them (see "What is the weight limit?").


Can I use holds I have purchased somewhere else?

Yes! Our panels interface great with almost any bolted hold. Just make sure you use the correct hardware (see below).


What kind of bolts work with your panels?

Our panels use 3/8-16" threaded inserts, same as the wall at your gym (US), so you will need 3/8-16" bolts. The face of the panel sits just over 1.5" away from the surface it is mounted to, so we recommend that you use bolts that extend between .75" and 1.25" past the base of your holds.

How do I stop my holds from spinning? Do I use a set screw? How much torque should I use?

We recommend using 10-20 ft.lbs of torque when tightening your holds on our panels.

Many of our holds come with set screw holes, and our panels can be screwed into, but most want to preserve the appearance of the panel. To do this, we recommend blocking them in place with a small foot hold.