Shipping & Returns FAQ

How long does it take to ship?

We get orders out within 48 hours, often within 24 hours, unless otherwise specified on the product description. This would only be in the case of back-ordered or pre-sale items.

Our default option is FedEx Ground, which usually takes 2-4 days depending on your location. This map should be helpful:



Where do you ship to?

We will ship almost anywhere in the world.

Please use the shipping calculator at checkout to see what your rates will be.

Unfortunately it is a bit expensive to ship internationally because we are shipping from a single location in the US. We hope to expand our network to Europe and Asia, but that is still a while out.

For more unique locations please reach out for a quote/ to verify we can ship there.


Can I return something I purchased here?

Yes! We have a 1 year money back guarantee. Please see our Warranty page for details.