Exo - Slopers - XL - 5x

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These beasts are a setters secret weapon. Deceptive, controlled, and difficult.

The round slopers are essentially parabolic half domes set slightly eccentrically, making them more difficult in certain positions that others. This is amplified by swaths of slick, glossed over raised sections that are nearly impossible to grip. The rest of the hold is highly textured and very sticky. 

The teardrop slopers are another creature entirely. The raised, glossed over section covers a majority of the hold, opening up or select patches of high grip ridged texture. This is designed to force the climber to really choke up on the hold. These can be used to make highly directional slabby or balance focused routes.



This line features striking dual textures in an ergonomic, organic shape that draws its inspiration from living creatures. The highly textured stratified portions are designed to provide exceptional, lasting grip while the flat portions are glossed over, giving most holds in this line a high level of directionality.

Average Hold Dimensions:

13 x 9 x 6"

1.5 Pad


Fine, ridged


Moderate / Hard

Shaped by:

Ben Browning