Starter Set - Exo - Moderate - 30x

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This set is designed to get you climbing on your home wall as soon as possible! This selection includes 30 hand picked holds to give you everything you need to set 2-3 short routes or a basic scatter wall for a child. This package deal comes at a discount as well!

We tuned this set for an intermediate wall, perfect for a small (~30sqft) kids wall or a medium (~100-200sqft) sized wall with 2-3 short set routes. These are best suited to a slabby or vertical wall, they become more challenging on a near vertical or steep wall.

These hold are all pulled from our EXO line, where you can find additional sets with the same look and feel to build out your hold arsenal.

The selection includes 10 jugs, 10 pinches, and 10 edges. The jugs are medium/small, perfect for a full child's hand, or a little on the tight side for a large adult hand. The pinches are similar, perfect for a kid and a little tight for a large adult. The edges work well as feet or moderately challenging crimps (they vary in intensity). For more detail on each individual type of hold just follow the links below:

EXO - EDGES (02) - SMALL - 10X

EXO - JUGS (02) - MEDIUM - 10X