Starter Set - Wooden Climbing Holds - Kid's/Easy - 10x

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Now available exclusively through our sister company, Tree Frog Play!

Made from beautiful, sanded beechwood, this set is designed to get you climbing on your home wall as soon as possible!

This selection includes 10 hand picked holds to give you a good mix for a short route or a basic scatter wall for a child. If you are using them with our home climbing panels we recommend 1 set of 10 per panel.

We tuned this set for a kids wall, optimizing the grips for small hands. Best for ages 1 - 12.

10 x 3/8-16" bolts included.

Steel washers ensure a long life.

The selection includes 4 jugs, 3 edges, and 3 pinches. The jugs are medium/small, perfect for a full child's hand, or a little on the tight on a large adult hand. The pinches are similar, perfect for a kid and a little tight for a large adult. The crimps work well as feet or slightly more challenging grips.