Bouldwall Climbing Panel 2.0

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Fast, Solid, Beautiful

Add a new dimension to any space by making climbing a central theme. Put up a quick training route, an awesome rock climbing wall for the kid's playroom, or build a bouldering wall to the top bunk.

  • 15 min/panel to install
  • Industrial grade construction
  • 3 natural tones to choose from


  • Panel Width: 23.43" (59.5cm)
  • Panel Length:47.05" (119.5cm)
  • Panel Height: 1.72" (4.37cm) *including felt, will compress slightly
  • Mounting points: 28 Industrial grade 3/8-16" T-nuts
  • Weight Rating: 225 lbs (100 kg)


The rails are constructed of 6063 Anodized Aluminum, designed to open for a very fast and simple installation, then close to conceal all hardware. No screws showing.

The panel surface is cut from high grade 3/4" Baltic Birch, a solid hardwood plywood known for its consistent, rock solid strength and beautiful appearance.

The mounting holes are equipped with industrial grade screw mount 3-8/16" T-nuts, the best of the best used in world class gyms. These heavy duty pieces of hardware are extremely durable and are designed to stay in place under repeated use. These are the industry standard, and compatible with virtually any hold.


We offer three finish options; Sanded Birch, Textured Light Stone, and Textured Dark Stone. Sanded Birch is raw, finely sanded natural birch. The stone textures are a skin that will come with your panel. They are an adhesive backed grit paper that can be easily adjusted to achieve anything from a superfine, chalkboard like feel to a more aggressive texture, similar to 200 grit sandpaper. See our page on Applying Skins for more info.


We've designed the process to be as simple as possible. They mount directly to home wall studs (or masonry) using our unique railing system. Installation takes about 15 minutes per panel, and a layer of soft felt protects your wall from damage. This makes it easy to put up, take down, and bring your wall with you if you move.

No measuring tape or level required! A layout tool is included with each panel, allowing you to create a uniform layout by referencing the ground or another panel. The system also allows you to keep the panel in place hands free while mounting the panel to your wall.

See the Installation Guide for more details.

Planning your layout? Check out our Layout Guide.


  • All our products come with a 1-year money-back guarantee.
  • All hardware is included
  • Panels are sold individually
  • Climbing holds and pad are sold separately

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