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PRE-SALE: Target ship date is 3/31/2019

Add a new dimension to any space by making climbing a central theme. Put up a quick training route, an awesome rock climbing wall for the kids play room, or build a bouldering wall to the top bunk.

These come in sets of 2 panels.

Each panel has outer dimensions just over 16" x 48" and 27 threaded mounting points, giving you tons of options when it comes to setting your routes. The panels use 3/8-16” threaded inserts making them compliant with any standard holds, just like the ones used at the gym.

These engineered aluminum and composite panels are designed to mount directly to the wall studs using the railing system along the edges, and can be installed in under 30 min. A layer of soft felt protects your wall from damage.

All hardware is included, holds are sold separately.

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