5 Drills to Help Improve Your Climbing Technique

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5 Drills to Help Improve Your Climbing Technique

Did you know that rock or wall climbing can improve symptoms of depression?

The study was done over a period of eight weeks and researchers have discovered that this type of exercise can reduce markers commonly associated with depression in people of all ages.

With that being said, the next logical thing to do would be to join a local rock/wall climbing gym and work on your climbing technique.

In fact, improving your bouldering techniques is not that difficult, you just have to incorporate the following exercises into your routine:

Do a Proper Warm-Up

Never climb walls or rocks without warming up first. This prevents injuries, improves your range of motion and makes you better at this sport.

Start by rotating your wrists to warm up these ligaments and tendons. You can also run in place for a few minutes to increase your heart rate as well as do a few squats to warm up the major muscles in your legs.

Push Yourself Up with Your Legs

Climber's feet

Experts say that if your arms get tired while climbing a rock or wall, you’re doing it wrong.

To avoid that, make sure that you’re always going upwards by pushing with your legs, not pulling with your arms. Try to climb small distances at a time and use your hands to secure your position while the legs do the “heavy lifting”.

Improve Forearm Strength with a Bucket of Rice

One common way to improve forearm strength is by using a bucket of rice. Dive your hand in there and make fists, pushing your fingers through the rice. This will significantly increase forearm strength which will make you better at rock climbing.

You can also rotate your open hand in both directions for one minute at a time to get a greater range of motion. When you get tired, take your hand out, rest for a few minutes and repeat.

Do Mountain Climbers for Core Strength

Core strength is very important when climbing walls or rocks.

The stronger your core, the easier it will be to move swiftly from one place of the wall to the other. Having strong abs also makes it harder for you to get tired, so you should focus on this part of your body to enhance your climbing technique.

A good exercise for core strength is to do mountain climbers. Stay in the plank position with your arms straight. Bring your knees to your chest alternatively, like you're running in place. This exercise is also known as "floor sprints".

Do this for 60 seconds as fast as you can, rest and repeat. It will build shoulder strength, toughen up your core and work your heart, all at the same time.

Do Pull Ups

pull ups

Although your legs should do the heavy lifting, you also need arms’ strength to climber higher on walls.

Start by doing pull-ups to failure. Do this two or three times per week and change your grip and hand position on the bar each time. This exercise doesn't only grow your arm muscles, but your strengthens your back too.

Improve Your Climbing Technique Today

After you have tried these drills to improve your climbing technique, it’s time to put everything you have learned into practice.

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