Why Rock Climbing Is One of the Best Calorie Burning Exercises

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Why Rock Climbing Is One of the Best Calorie Burning Exercises

If you are looking for new activities to try, you should try rock climbing.

Amazingly, rock climbing targets the core, which is the source of balance and strength.

This is why rock climbing is one of the best calorie-burning exercises you can do.

Full Body Workout

With rock climbing, every muscle of the body from the tips of the fingers, the abdomen, back muscles, and the toes are fully engaged.

It also tasks the arms and legs to provide support and the glutes to propel the body upwards. With these vital muscles at work, total body workout is achieved. This translates to a high-calorie burnout.

The kind of strength harnessed from these muscles causes the rapid conversion of the stored up energy. In turn, there is a huge breakdown of calories.

Continuous Body Movement

Most exercises such as aerobics capitalize on repetitive body movement. Constant body movement characterizes rock climbing

Based on various research studies, continuous body movement gradually builds the fortitude. This helps one to endure the long periods of the exercise, thus prolonging the after-burn.

While mastering agility and flexibility of muscles, continuous body movement means that at each step, more energy is needed. The process of burning fat does not stagnate at any point whatsoever.

Intense Level Workout

The most exciting thing about rock climbing is that there is no light rock climbing. Even the easiest of the steps require effort, concentration, and full coordination of muscles.

To put this into perspective, a person weighing 155 pounds, in the first ten minutes of climbing will have burnt 20 to 45 calories.

This is equivalent to an intense cardio workout like spinning except that rock climbing is much more fun.

The very tough steps push one to the limit, thereby maximizing calorie burnout. In addition, there is hardly any giving up or being stuck in the middle; one has to finish.


Though rock climbing works differently, it achieves the same goal as aerobics, which is an increased heartbeat.

Generally, moderate to intense rock climbing increases the heartbeat to 150-180 beats per minute. This is higher than what one can achieve when jogging or swimming.

Also, one can easily maintain this heartbeat for over one hour while rock climbing. This is, therefore, a more efficient way to burn calories compared to other exercises.

Best Calorie Burning Exercises

Rock climbing works out the integral parts of the body to ensure optimum physical fitness, thereby making it one of the best calorie-burning exercises.

With the right gear and guidance, rock climbing offers the best kind of body workout.

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